Saturday, 3 August 2013

Everyone Hates Marineland: Animal Deaths at Marineland

Everyone Hates Marineland: Animal Deaths at Marineland

Marineland Meme of the DayMarineland Orca Fell Out of Tank

This week a video went viral showing a pilot whale at SeaWorld struggling to get back inside its tank while helpless visitors looked on in horror.  SeaWorld staff did not intervene immediately as the animal, stuck on its side struggled for several minutes on its own while other pilot whales attempted to help it.  Eventually as the rage began to build in the crowd SeaWorld trainers intervened and pushed the pilot whale back into the water.  Other such videos exist of animals such as orcas at SeaWorld becoming endangered while being forced to perform in ridiculous circus shows or dolphins falling completely out of the tank.
At Marineland these types of situations have also happened, severely endangering animal's lives and likely contributing to Marineland's notorious record of cetacean deaths. In 2002 a 4 year old orca named Hudson fell completely out of his tank causing serious distress to the young whale.  The orca had to be lifted in a stretcher and crane to be placed back in the tank.  This awful situation was played down by Marineland owner John Holer in ridiculous fashion by simply saying "Youngsters, like to play".

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